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IFC Online:

Internet services for fraternities and sororities

COMING SOON: great services for fraternity and sorority members, both undergrads and alums, that help them to communicate more effectively. Features will include:

  • An e-mailbox for the exclusive use of each chapter, where members can send messages that are automatically forwarded to others.

  • An online membership directory that is updated automatically, every time a member sends in a change of address by 'Web or e-mail.

  • An electronic newsletter, where members can post information of interest to classmates, without so much as licking a postage stamp.

If you are an undergrad, you need to network with alums now, to start developing career contacts before you graduate. These services will also make it easy to keep in touch with your classmates after graduation.

If you are an alum, you will find that these new services are great tools for networking, rekindling old friendships, and starting new ones. They will also keep you informed about the chapter's current events, and those of your classmates, across the nation and around the world.

These services provide fraternities and sororities with a convenient and economical way to improve communication between each chapter and its members. They also offer a fun and easy way for alums and undergrads alike to communicate among themselves.

As an alternative to costly printed materials, these online services offer huge advantages. First of all, they are designed to be permanent. After each service is running, maintenance is easy because updating is largely automatic. When officers change each year, there is no lapse in service for members.

Automatic updating also eliminates the need for expensive printing and mailing of materials year after year.

Most of all, online services are fast, easy, and fun for both undergrads and alums to use.

Take advantage of this opportunity to improve communication between members of fraternity and sorority chapters, using this beneficial new service from IFC Online. Please contact us today:

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IFC Online:
Internet services
for fraternities and sororities

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Last updated 1 September 2003